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My FREE program!

I have written a free application to write mathematical symbols. You don't need any ALT codes, unicode or strange keyboard shortcuts. I write this to make writing formulas much easier.
It covers numerous fields for example calculus, set theory, logic and the Greek alphabet.
I have called this piece of software MathSymbols. I'm happy for teachers to use it in schools.

My Youtube video - click it to start playing the video:

Just simply click buttons to insert a symbol. This program was primarily written to write maths on web pages. You can copy and paste the equation in to a word processor or web page editor. You can convert the symbols in to character entities (in the form &#nnnn;) if you do not have a WYSIWYG editor.

Download MathSymbols V1.0 - works on any computer (PC or Apple Mac) under any operating system (like Linux or Windows)

Requires Java SE 7 or higher on your system to run
Won't run? Download the JRE from here

To run it, just double-click it. If it doesn't work, then update your Java. Download the Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment or JDK which will also work) which can be downloaded here.
When you run it, it will create a file called MathsSettings.dat. For Windows, you could put the program in a separate place, then make a link to it on your desktop. Just right-click MathSymbols.jar, then select "create shortcut" then cut and paste that shortcut to your desktop.

MathSymbols screenshot

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