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Spanish Verbs with Prepositions

Los verbos que necesitan preposiciones con los objetos y el infinitivo en español

Here is a list of (hopefully) all the verbs that require a preposition before the infinitive or the direct object of the verb and not just a normal use of a preposition e.g. Póngalo en la mesa.
In Spanish, there are numerous verbs that must be followed by a preposition to convey a certain meaning (like in English, to cook through, to talk about), which may or may not correspond to the preposition (if any) used in English.
The following is a list of Spanish verbs which NEED a preposition with an object or the infinitive of the verb. Think of "get" in English, "to get" has a different meaning to "to get through" or "to get on with someone".
Inf = infinitive (the unchanged verb ending in -AR, -ER or -IR)
obj = the direct object of the verb (thing or person).
Don't get this section confused with the "personal A" which is used in front of a direct human object.

Verb Definition and notes
abandonarse a + inf To give onself up to
abstener de + inf to abstain from
aburirse de + inf to get bored with doing
abusar de + obj to abuse, overindulge in
acabar con + obj
acabar de + inf
acabar por + inf
to finish, put an end to
to have just (done something)
to finish by / end up doing
acercarse a + inf
acercarse a + obj
To approach to – but para can be used instead
to approach
acertar a + inf to manage to
acordarse de + inf
acordarse de + obj
acordarse de +obj + de + inf
to remember to
to remember
to remember something / somebody / doing
(note that you can use "recordar algo" for "to remember something")

acordarse con to agree with
acostumbrarse a + inf/obj
acostumbrarse a obj a + inf
to become accustomed to/get used to
to get used to obj / doing

Todavía no me puedo acostumbrar del todo a la comida = I still haven't quite gotten used to the food
Also acostumbrar means to be accustomed to
No acostumbro hacerlo
acusar a + alguien de algo / de
haber + past participle
acusar de + inf
to accuse somebody of doing / having done

to accuse of
advertir a alguien de algo to notify / warn somebody about something
afanarse por + inf to strive to
aficionarse a algo / a + inf to grow fond of something / of doing
alcanzar a + inf to manage to
alegrarse de + inf
alegrarse de algo / de + haber + past participle
to be happy, pleased to
to be glad about something / of doing / having done
alejarse de + obj to go away from
alicarse a + inf To apply onself to
alimentarse de + obj To feed on
amenazar a alguien con algo / con + inf
amenazar con + inf
amenazar con + obj
to threaten somebody with / to do
to threaten to
to threaten with
animar a + inf to encourage to
apartarse de + obj to keep away from
apoderarse de + obj to take possession of
apoyarse en + obj to lean on/against
aprender a + inf to learn to
apresurarse a + inf to hurry to do
aprovecharse de + obj to take advantage of
aproximarse a obj to come near/approach
apurarse por + inf
apurarse por + obj
to strive to
to get anxious about
arrancar a + alguien To snatch from someone
arrepentirse de + inf to regret
arrimarse a + obj To lean against
asemejarse a + obj to resemble, look like
asistir a + obj to attend/be present at
asomarse a + obj to appear at / to lean out of
asombrarse de + inf to be surprised at doing (this doesn't use 'de' when the verb is not reflexive)
aspirar a + inf To aspire to
asustarse de/por + obj to get frightened about
atreverse a + inf to dare to
autorizar a + inf to authorize to
avergonzarse a inf
avergonzarse de + inf
avergonzar de obj de haber + past participle
To venture to
to be ashamed of
to be ashamed of something / somebody / of doing/ have done
avisar de avisar means to communicate something
avisar de means the same as prevenir de
ayudar a + inf
ayudar a alguien a + inf
to help
to help somebody to do
bajar a + inf
bajar de + obj
To go down to – but para can be used instead
to get out of, get off, descend from
burlarse de + obj to make fun of
cambiar de + obj
cambiar por + obj
to change
to exchange for
cansarse de + inf/obj
cansarse de obj de + inf
to tire (get tired) of
to tire of obj/ of doing
carecer de + obj to lack
cargar de algo to load with something
casarse con + obj to marry
cesar de + inf to stop
chocar con algo to bump/crash in to something
centrarse en to focus/concentrate on (an issue etc.)
comenzar a + inf
comenzar con or por + inf
to begin to
to begin with/by
compadecerse de + obj to feel sorry for, pity
comparar con obj to compare with
complacerse en + inf To take pleasure in
comprar a + alguien To buy from someone
comprometerse a + inf to undertake to
condenar a + inf to condemn to
conducir a + inf to lead to
confiar en + inf
confiar en + obj
to trust to
to trust, rely on
consentir en + inf to consent to
consistir en + inf/obj to consist of
constar de + obj to consist of (constar = to be evident / on record)
contar con + inf/obj to count / rely on
contar on it's own means to count or recount (a story)
contentarse con + inf to be satisfied with
contribuir a + inf to contribute to
convencerse de + inf to become convinced
convenir a
convenir con
convenir en + inf
To suit
to agree with
to agree to
convertirse en + obj to turn into, become (with total changes in nature)
convidar a + inf to invite to
correr a + inf To run to (but para can be used instead)
cubrir de + obj to cover with
cuidar a + obj/inf
cuidar de + obj
cuidar de + inf
cuidarse de hacer algo
to take care of
to take care of
to take care, be careful to
to take care to do something
cumplir con + obj to do one's duty by, fulfill one's obligations toward
dar a + obj
dar con + obj
darse cuenta de algo
to face, overlook
to meet, happen upon
to realize something
decidirse a + inf
decidirse por + obj
to decide / make up one's mind to
to choose / decide on / settle on
Decidir means to convince / decide / persuade
Decidí quedarme aquí = I decided to remain here
dedicarse a + inf/obj to devote oneself to (career)
dejar de + inf
dejar + inf
to stop (doing), to fail to
to allow (déjeme leer mi libro – let me read my book)
deleitarse en + inf To take a delight in
depender de + obj to depend on
desafiar a + inf to challenge to
desconfiar de + obj To mistrust
descuidar de + inf To neglect
desesperarse de + inf to dispair of
desistir de + inf To desist from
despedirse de + obj to say good-bye to, take leave of
despojarse de + obj to take off (clothes)
desvelarse por + obj to be very concerned about
detenerse a + inf To stop to
dirigirse a + obj
dirigirse a + sitio / a alguien
to go toward, address
to head for / address somebody
disculparse de + obj
disculparse por + inf
to apologize for
disfrutar de + obj to enjoy
dispensar de + inf To excuse from
disponerse a + inf to get ready to
disuadir de + inf to dissuade from
divertirse en + inf to amuse oneself by
dudar de + obj
dudar en + inf
to doubt
to hesitate to
echar la culpa a + obj
echar(se) a + inf
to blame
to begin to
empeñarse en + inf to insist on, be determined to
empezar a + inf
empezar por + inf
to begin to
to begin by doing
enamorarse de + obj to fall in love with
encargar de inf
encargarse de + inf
To entrust with
to take charge of
encogerse de (hombros) + obj to shrug
encontrarse con + obj to meet
enfadarse con alguien
enfadarse de
(this verb is used in Spain)
to get annoyed with somebody
to get angry at
enfrentarse con + obj to face
enseñar a + inf to teach to, show how to
entender de
entender de algo de
entender en
to know all about
to know a little about
to deal with / have to deal with
Entender on it's own means "to understand"
enterarse de + obj to find out about
entrar a + inf
entrar a + obj
entrar en + obj
To enter to – but para can be used instead
to enter
to enter (into)
entretenerse en + inf To amuse onself in
enviar a + inf To send to
equivaler a + obj to equal, be equivalent to
esconder a + alguien To hide from someone
esforzarse en + inf
esforzarse por + inf
To strive to
to struggle to
esperar a
esperar en + obj
to wait until
to wait in/at
estar a +obj
to be located from
estar loco de (alegría) + obj
to be crazy with (happiness)
estar de acuerdo con obj
to agree with
estar para + inf

to be about to
estar por + inf to be in favour of
(Estoy por trabajar los domingos - I'm in favour of working on Sundays)
to be yet to be completed
(El suelo está por fregar - The floor is yet to be scrubbed)
to be in favor of, to support – here, por isn't part of Estar:
estar por +obj No estoy por la pornografía – I don't support pornography
Estoy luchando por... I'm fighting for...
to be in the direction of
(Está por el oeste - It's to the west)

estar sentado a + obj to be seated at
excusar de + inf To excuse from
exponerse a + inf To expose oneself to
faltar a + obj To break promise
felicitar por + inf To congratulate on
fiarse a + obj fiarse de (alguien) + obj To trust
fijarse en + obj to notice
forrar de + obj to line/cover with
forzar a + inf to force to
gozar de + obj to enjoy
gritar de (dolor) + obj to scream in (pain)
guardarse de + inf to take care, be careful not to
haber de + inf This is an old-fashioned sounding use in Spain for making mild obligations.
Use deber / tener que instead. This also is used in Mexico for suppositions (Spain uses deber de)
habituarse a + inf to get used to
hablar con alguien
hablar de
to talk with somebody
to talk about
hacer bien/mal en + inf
hacer caso a alguien
hacer frente a
to be right/wrong to – to do well/badly in
to pay attention to somebody
to cope with (see poder con)
hartarse de + inf
hartarse de obj + inf
to be fed up with
to get fed up with obj with doing
impulsar a + inf to urge to
incitar a + inf to incite to
inclinar a + inf to incline to
incomodarse de + inf To be annoyed at
indignarse de + inf To be indignant at
inducir a + inf To induce to
informarse de + obj To be informed about
insistir en + inf to insist on
interesarse en + inf
interesarse por + obj
to be interested in
to be interested in, to ask about
invitar a + inf to invite to
in restaurants and bars you can say
¿Quién invita? = Who's paying for us?
Te invito = I'm paying for you
ir a + inf
ir a + obj
to be going to (do something)
to go to (the cinema etc.)
jactarse de + inf/obj to boast about
jugar a + obj to play (a game, sport)
jurar por + obj to swear by/on
lamentarse de + inf to bemoan
limitarse a + inf to limit oneself to
llegar a + inf
llegar a + obj
llegar a ser
to manage to, succeed in, end up
to arrive/reach at/in (place)
to become
llenar de + obj to fill with
llevar a + inf to lead to
luchar por + inf/obj to struggle for
mandar a + inf to send to
maravillarse de + obj to marvel at
meterse a + inf
meterse en + obj
to start to
to get involved in
molestarse en + inf
molestarse por + obj
to bother about, take the trouble to
to bother about
morir de (hambre) + obj to die from (hunger)
mover a to move to
mudar de + obj
mudarse de casa
to change (clothes / colours)
to move house
negarse a + inf to refuse to
no poder menos de + inf To not help but
obligar a + inf
obligar a alguien a + inf
to force, compel to
to make somebody do
ocultar a + alguien To conceal from someone
ocuparse de obj
ocuparse en + inf
to take care of / attend to
To be busy with
ofrecerse a to offer to
oír hablar de + obj to hear about
oler a + obj to smell like
olvidar + inf / obj (formal use)
olvidarse de + obj / inf
olvidarsele a uno + obj / inf
This verb means to forget / leave behind and has different forms
to forget e.g. Me olvidé decirle = I forgot to tell you
to forget e.g. se me olvidó decirte = I forgot to tell you
This is used more than saying "remember your passport" etc. so you would say "don't forget your passport" instead
oponerse a + inf
oponerse a algo a + inf
to oppose / resist
to be opposed to something doing
optar por + inf/obj to opt for
pagar con + obj to pay with/by
parecerse a + obj to look like
parar de + inf
pararse a hacer algo
pararse en
to stop
to stop to do something
to pay attention to
Note that pararse means "to come to a halt" in Spain and something different in Latin America
pasar a + inf
pasar de + obj
to go on to
to pass from / be uninterested in
pedir a + alguien To ask for someone
pensar de + obj
pensar en + inf/obj
to think of, have an opinion about
to think about
perder de vista + obj to lose sight of
persistir en + inf to persist in
persuadir a + inf to persuade to
pintar de + obj to paint + color
poder con to cope with (unless you're talking about a problem, then use hacer frente a)
ponerse a + inf
ponerse de acuerdo + obj
to begin to, set about
to come to an agreement
preguntar por + obj to ask about/after (e.g. on the phone)
preguntar on it's own means something like "to question"
preocuparse con + inf
preocuparse de + inf
preocuparse de/por + obj
to be concerned with
to be concerned about
to worry / be concerned about
prepararse a + inf to get ready to
presumir de + inf to boast about
privarse de + inf To be deprived of
probar a + inf to try to do
quedar en + inf
quedarse con + obj
quedar que / por + inf
quedar(se) en + inf
quedarse a + inf
to agree to
to keep
to remain to be done (queda mucho que / por hacer - there's a lot left to do)
to agree to/on
to remain to - si llegara antes de las 8 podría quedarse a comer = if he arrived before 8 he could stay for lunch
quejarse de + inf/obj to complain about
Se quejó de que nadie los ayudaba = He complained that nobody helped them
Also "la queja" = "the complaint"
quitar a + alguien To take away from someone
reducir a + inf To reduce to
referirse a alguien to refer to someone
reírse de + obj to laugh at
renunciar a + inf to renounce
reparar en + obj to notice
resignarse a + inf to resign oneself to
resistir a + inf To resist
resistirse a + inf To be reluctant to, resist / refuse
Temptation - No pudo resistir las ganas de decírmelo = She couldn't resist telling me
With weight / pressure - el estante no va a resistir tanto peso = The shelf isn't going to hold so much weight
To stand pain or sensation - No pueden resistir este calor = They can't stand the heat (or you can use the verb soportar)
resolverse a + inf To resolve to
responder a + obj to answer / respond
rezar por + obj to pray for
robar a + alguien To steal from someone
rodear de to surround with
romper a + inf to (suddenly) start to do
saber a + obj
saber de memoria + obj
to taste like
to memorize, know by heart
saber on it's own means to know (facts) or to know how to do something
salir de + obj
salir por + obj
to leave (from)
to leave via
saltar de (alegría) + obj to jump for (joy)
sentarse a (+ una mesa etc.) to sit down at (+ a table etc.)
ser aficionado a + obj
ser decidido por + obj
to be a fan of
to be decided by
servir de + obj
servir para + inf
servirse de + obj
to serve as / to be useful to
to be used for
to use
sonar a + obj to sound like
soñar con + inf/obj to dream of
sorprenderse de + obj to be surprised at
sospechar de + inf To suspect of
subir a + inf
subir a + obj
To go up to (in order to) but para can be used instead
to board, get on/into
tardar en + inf to take time to, delay in
tender a + inf to tend to
tener ganas de algo / de + inf
tener éxito en + inf

tener miedo a alguien
tener miedo de algo

tener que
tener que ver con + inf
to want something / feel like doing
to succeed in

to be afraid of someone
to be afraid of something

to have to (implying a strong obligation)
to concern, have to do with
terminar de + inf
terminar por + inf
to stop
to end by doing
tirar de obj to pull
tocar a + obj
tocarle a + obj
to knock on
to be someone's turn
tomar a + alguien
tomar por + obj
To take from someone
to take for
trabajar de + (occupation)
trabajar en + (place of work)
to work as
to work at / in
traducir a (+ lenguage) to translate in to
tratar de + inf
tratarse de + inf
tratarse de + obj
to try to
to be about, be a question of
to be about, deal with
triunfar de + obj To triumph over
tropezar con + obj to run across, happen upon
vacilar en + inf to hesitate over
vender en + obj to sell for (+ amount)
vengarse de + obj To take revenge for
venir a + inf To come to e.g. vino a verte – She came to see you – but para can be used instead
venir de To come from
vestir de + obj to dress in
viajar por (tren, autobús) to travel by (train, bus)
volver a + inf to do something again (more common than the use of otra vez)
volver en + obj to return in (+ time)
volver en sí + obj to be oneself again, to regain consciousness
votar por + obj to vote for

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