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Spanish Help Pages

My website has:

Arrow Helpful documents about Spanish
Arrow Clarification of Spanish grammar
Arrow Helpful reference lists
Arrow An analysis of words and grammar
oO° R e s o n a n c e °Oo LaaLaa
Well, this is probably the only way I'm going to get to be a teacher. Tuition fees are increasing, but I think that it is expensive to become a teacher in the first place.
I am not planning to make this in to a Castilian Spanish language wiki on wikipedia
“Quiero patinar en la calle pero no hace buen tiempo”
Ayuda con español

Mi sitio web incluye:

Arrow Mis documentos sobre el idioma español
Arrow Mi aclaración de la gramática
Arrow Mis listas de consulta
Arrow Un análisis de las palabras y la gramática
Site Description
I have written this because I have made lists of the parts of Spanish that I had trouble with and I thought I would share my information with you to clarify some of the more difficult bits of the language.
I am also trying to collate all words of a certain type to make reference lists (e.g. all verbs that use the subjunctive) which are labelled LIST and I would appreciate any corrections or additional information. You can contact me at the bottom of the page.
By the way, the banner adverts on this site are not mine. They are automatically generated and I can't stop them.
Una descripción de mi sitio web
He escrito esta página web porqué he escrito muchas cosas sobre el idioma castellano y quiero repartir mis documentos para clarificar algunas cosas.
Pruebo a recopilar todas las cosas que se relacionan con un sujeto específico por ejemplo - el subjuntivo. Quiero preparar listas de consulta. Las etiqueté con LIST. Apreciaría si me ayudara con más información o rectificaciones. Puede mandarme un mensaje al final de la página.
A propósito - los anuncios no son míos. Este sitio los genera automáticamente.
Lo siento.
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My other websites
Accent editor software (program, application)My FREE accent
editor program!
My skating website My French website YouTubeMyYouTube Page My maths website Free Software

Mis documentos
AN EASY WAY OF ENTERING ACCENTED LETTERS Á É Í Ó Ú ¿ ñ (my on screen keyboard)
My explanation of gendered nouns
Where do I stress a word and use the acute accent?
Be careful with these words or "What did he just call me?"
Simple explanations of grammatical terms (to be expanded upon it time)
Easy Present tense
Numbers and exceptions
Manually entering accented letters
How to ask questions
Example questions (which are possibly counter-intuitive)
LISTAll about pronouns (lo / la etc.)
How to say this / that
How to say my / your / mine etc.
How to easily make commands
What does se mean?
****Funny stories on my travels ****
Aspects of time, Ago, since etc.
Talking about the time and date
LIST Time words e.g. days / months etc.
Miscellaneous reference lists
LIST Verbs that NEED a preposition before another verb / object
LIST Numbers (English, Spanish and French)
LIST Indefinite pronouns
Common or Difficult verbs
I shall be expanding on this in time - modal verb means it can change the mood of a sentence
Poder (modal verb)
Querer (modal verb)
Verb tenses
I shall be expanding on these in time
Easy Present tense
Easy Imperfect tense
All about the Preterite tense
Present subjunctive tense - an easier way to form it
Uses of the progressive / continuous tense including the GERUND
How to easily make the command / imperative forms (full version)
Verb tense summary
LIST Unusual Spanish adjectives / Adjectivos inusuales
Comparing adjectives
Este / aquel etc. used as adjectives or pronouns (called demonstrative pronouns)
Possessive adjectives - my / your / mine etc.
My videos:
Tutorial for writing accented letters
Learning different languages
Difficult Spanish numbers
Pronouncing G (also with the letter u)
Spanish verb patterns part 1 (present, preterite and imperfect)
Spanish verb patterns part 2 (past participle, perfect and pluperfect)
Spanish verb patterns part 3 (future, conditional, future perfect and conditional perfect)
Spanish verb patterns part 4 (subjunctive: present, perfect, past perfect or pluperfect and imperfect)
...more videos planned...
Could you make this video go viral please?

The subjunctive section:
Present subjunctive tense - an easier way to form it
LIST All VERBS that use the subjunctive (Verb + que + subjunctive)
LIST All CONJUNCTIONS and subjunctive use
Hard or confusing parts of grammar
The difference between DE QUE and QUE
CONDITIONS - if this happens, then that will happen...
Sequence of tenses with the subjunctive (including NO SABER SI)
Strange object / subject / indirect object positions and the Personal A
The word 'lo'
LISTVerbs with a reverse construction
What's the difference? 
Aquí / acá ... ahí / allí / allá
Aún / Aun
Alquilar / el alquiler - a verb and noun
¿Cómodo o confortable?
¿Durar o tardar?
¿Fin o final?
Everybody - todos or todo el mundo?
Hair - pelo or cabello?
Language: idioma / lenguaje / lengua / dialecto / habla / jerga / argot?
Leaving, salir or irse?
lo que vs. qué, do they mean the same thing as 'what'?
To love - querer/adorar/amar
Ojalá - The subtleties of it's meaning
A slice of ? Many words translate this
To enjoy: disfrutar/gozar/divertirse
Respond/answer - Responder/contestar
Ya - numerous definitions
How to translate ...
Anybody...Everything...Sometime...Nowhere... etc. [NEW SECTION COMING SOON]
To Stop or to finish
Translating 'What' -I haven't finished this article yet but see the article on "how to ask questions"
To become ... Do I use an adjective or verb?
Next - the translation depends on what you mean
Translating the word 'some'
External Links:
My free and legal software recommendations!
Michel Thomas free tryout languages site - his stuff is good for the French and Spanish courses in particular.
You may want to look at Paul Noble's courses. They are in a similar style to Michel Thomas but he does away with students in favour of native speakers which I think is a better idea.
Search for recordings of words by native speakers (
Search through documents for example usages (
Information about individual words( - this is an excellent reference
How to write Spanish letters (
Spanish Internet terms (
English-Spanish mathematical terms

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