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Well, this is probably the only way I'm going to get to be a teacher. Tuition fees are increasing, but I think that it is expensive to become a teacher in the first place.
If the equations have been messed up, it is the fault of the browser. I have tested these pages on Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 and above. I have used a mixture of superscript, tables and character entities to make the equations as opposed to images in order for them to be formatted correctly on differing screen sizes.
I am not planning to make this in to a mathematics wiki on wikipedia



My other websites
My French website My Spanish website YouTubeMyYouTube PageFree software


My documents

Simple addition tricks and tips
Simple subtraction tricks and tips
Simple multiplication tricks and tips (yet to be finished)
Simple division tricks and tips (yet to be finished)
How do I write equations for my web pages in HTML?
What is the difference between different equals signs? :=, ≜, ≡ and =
LIST Lists of algebra rules (especially powers) and reasons why one equals the other
LIST Complex numbers equation list - includes functions
LIST Function equations, using the series operator and other types of equations
Rotation using matrices
How to form determinants of any size
My videos:
Easy area conversions
My free mathematics document program
Perhaps more to come...
Could you make this video go viral please?

Why does n0 = 1? (a number to the power of 0)
Why does 0! = 1? (zero factorial)
What is 00 ? (0 to the power of 0)
Why can't I divide by 0?

Line length, area and volume
I'm starting a new section here which I will build up in time
How to calculate the length of a curve
How do I calculate the surface area of a shape?
How do I calculate the volume of a shape?
Why is the circumference of a circle equal 2πr?
Why does the surface area of a sphere equal 4πr2?
What's the surface area of a cone?
Why does the area of a circle equal πr2?
What is the volume of a cone?
What is the volume of a part of a sphere?

What does differentiation mean?
What does integration mean?
LIST How to differentiate functions - product, quotient and function of a function rules
Logarithmic differentiation (for splitting equations up in to simpler parts)
An LR circuit (d.c.)
Three ways to solve a CR circuit (d.c.)

How to generate fractals
The Java code is copied from my programs I wrote using Netbeans (a free program)
How to make the Sierpinski triangle
How to make the Barnsley (fern) leaf
How to make the Mandelbrot set fractal
How to make the Julia set fractal
How to make the Burning ship fractal

External links
Maxima - a really good mathematics program (like Mathcad, etc.)
A comparison of different Computer Algebra Systems
Also a good book is Engineering Mathematics by K.A. Stroud. It covers an enormous amount
of  subjects and has lots of examples. It's the best mathematics book I have.


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